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Sep. 15th, 2012

theseus & minotaur


Yuletide is Nigh!

Yuletide admin has just announced that the nominations will open on 24 September 2012. It would be lovely if someone nominated Sandbaggers again this year. We had two fic from Yuletide last year and could get more this year, but only if nominated!

Aug. 18th, 2012

theseus & minotaur


Rewatch: Episode Two "A Proper Function of Government"

I hope it's OK to start the discussion on this episode, even though I'm not a Mod!

This one is a real favourite of mine (which is why I turned to it when I was writing my short story back last Christmas, as one source of inspiration).

It starts the series exploration of that recurring theme about assassination. Neil wants to assassinate Lutara both for political and personal reasons. We are led to believe his desire to do it himself is because he wants to pay back for Bob Judd's death - right until the end that is when Wellingham suggests an alternative motivation. No go, though - although one realises the high-minded sounding principles about how the PM values life and will not condone assassination are a load of B***S*** when Neil is told to assassinate Hopkins rather than let him speak out.

It is rare to see Peele and Neil in such accord over Lutara. Was Lutara meant to be Idi Amin, do you think?

I like the brief scene when C has been called to Downing Street and Neil is a bit too eager to know the answer and is put gently in his place.

This isn't the only episode involving defectors. Were there really so many? It's hard to believe.

I had fun watching for scenes shot in Leeds that are meant to be Vienna (having once lived in the former and visited the latter).

Aug. 3rd, 2012



Rewatch: Episode One "First Principles"

Opening the post so people can share their thoughts about the episode.

I'll edit the post to put in my own thoughts, after I've had a chance to watch it again.

Jul. 23rd, 2012




Is anybody interested in doing a group rewatch? If so, an episode a week or what? Let's discuss!


Favorite moments/characters/pairings/etc

After an anonymous rendezvous on an international forum (très Cold War), a fellow Sandbaggers fan and I thought it might be nice to come and have a chat about the show here at SIS headquarters, so to speak, where there was a chance of finding other enthusiasts.

So with your permission, O Mod, I'd like to open the floor to discussion. What attracted everyone to the series? How did we discover it? Who are our favorite characters (or pairings, for those of us with a romantic turn of mind)? What are our favorite moments? Etc.

My own answers below the cutCollapse )

Dec. 26th, 2011



New Sandbaggers fic!

I haven't had a reason to update this comm in ages, but now Yuletide 2011 has given us TWO brand new SB fics! And they're good!


Nov. 14th, 2011

Cabin Pressure, otters


Special Relationship

Ross: Do you kno-
Burnside: Let's walk.

I would give a lot to be able to hear the conversation that followed. "Jeff, for the sake of our special relationship, I need you to have my girlfriend killed. Do you think you can do for that for me?"

Please tell me there is fanfic that covers this.

Jul. 1st, 2010



Welcome and link request

Thank you all for joining this comm! I simply invited everyone who listed "sandbaggers" in their interests, which was a short enough list that this was practical to do.

I've just updated my Sandbaggers fanpage:


I linked to this comm and to the (very low trafficked) SB slash ml. Also, I removed the zine Situational Ethics from the list of zines; I found an ad for it in another old zine, but thanks to the diligent research of fellow fan Paul H., I learned that it was never actually published. Which is all right, as the SB fic destined for it found another home and is now online.

If anyone knows of any Sandbaggers fanfiction or other material that I haven't listed on the site, please let me know!

Jun. 26th, 2010



Introductory Post

I figure it's about time someone did something for this microfandom. At the very least, there ought to be a forum where fans can meet each other, exchange top secret documents, or just discuss the show.

I've been thinking about starting a comm like this for a few years, in fact. I finally decided to do it when I heard about two Sandbaggers fans who kept outbidding each other on ebay items. Now that they know each other, they don't have to drive up the price of the items, they can just borrow each other's copies!

I decided on an LJ comm for our forum because it will be findable via Google and getting an LJ account is free. By the way, for interested parties who aren't big LJ users, you can keep up with LJ comms by adding them to your blogreader.

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