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March 2016

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fawatson in sandbaggers

Yuletide is Nigh!

Fandom nominations for Yuletide are about to open. I am planning to nominate The Sandbaggers again this year. I can only nominate 4 characters and am thinking about nominating the following:

Neil Burnside
Willie Caine
Sir Geoffrey Wellingham
Marianne Straiker

Does anybody want different characters? Or is anyone else also planning to nominate this fandom (and if so which characters as it would be nice to coordinate so we do not duplicate).


Yuletide is a fan-fic gift exchange centred on Christmas that is held every year. The idea is that people sign up saying they will write one story for another participant based on the prompts that participant has given and in return they will get one story, written by someone else in the exchange. The stories are uploaded shortly before Christmas and opened on Christmas morning. When you sign up you give at least three 'prompts' for three fandoms you would be pleased to receive a story in and you also say which fandoms you are willing to write within (at least three). The moderators run a programme to match people. Every year about 2000 people participate in Yuletide worldwide.

There is a long, long lead-in to Yuletide, starting in September when people nominate possible eligible fandoms (without any obligation to write). All the fandoms nominated must be 'rare' (and the Yuletide FAQ explains how this is defined, but basically it means fandoms that don't have a huge number of stories written for them already); they can be book-based, movie-based, TV-based, song-based, etc.

Then in Oct, people sign up saying what they are willing to write and what they'd like to receive. They are 'matched' and participants then receive their 'assignments' in early November and have until mid-to-late Dec to write a story that has to be a minimum of 1000 words (it can be a lot longer if you want but must not be shorter).

You are guaranteed on Christmas Day to receive a story within one of your requested fandoms and you are guaranteed (in Nov) to receive an assignment within one of the fandoms you said you would write for (and you can also specify characters you are willing to write too).

I have done Yuletide for several years; it is a real highlight of my writing calendar. Yuletide has also been very 'kind' to Sandbaggers as most of the recent stories written within this fandom have come about through Yuletide.

More detail about this can be seen here: