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Sandbaggers documentary

It's been pretty quiet here for a while, though I notice that a few new fanfics have been posted recently; I'll have to read those. Anyway, a couple of days ago I received this message:

I am a student filmmaker researching the life of TV writer Ian MacKintosh.

As you are no doubt aware Ian created Sandbaggers, and I have recently discovered how his legacy is being continued through online fan fiction.

As you are running a Sandbaggers fan fiction site, I would be very interested in hearing from you to discover more about the Sandbaggers fan community in general and any ongoing activities, especially in the UK. I hope you can assist.

All best
Andrew Tullis

I gave him my email address and he wrote again:

As I mentioned, I'm a filmmaker hoping to produce a documentary about Ian MacKintosh. But I would also very much like to cover Ian's work from the fan perspective.

I understand that Sandbaggers has a particularly strong US fanbase but, as I'm unable to travel, I am particularly keen to hear from UK fans.

I'd also be interested to hear about any fan meetings, memorabilia, and fan made video material that might exist anywhere.

Do feel free to pass on my email details to any interested parties.

You can contact him through his LJ, franksearle.

I’ve forwarded this gentleman’s email to the SB fans I know, and one of them is going to post about it to the Facebook group. Also, I’m going to share what fan materials I have to him.

I hope some of y’all will contact him, especially any of you who live in the UK.

Sandbaggers Prequel Now Posted

I'm obsessed. I wrote a Sandbaggers prequel "episode" now available on AO3:

Four chapters long
Title: Two Places at Once
Summary: September 1975: Neil Burnside is sent on a politically sensitive operation to post-war Vietnam, Bob Judd is on an unobtrusive security detail in East Africa, and Willie Caine is left alone in the hutch, caught between political double dealing and the realization that, should anything go wrong in either theater, saving one Sandbagger may mean giving the other up for lost.

New Sandbaggers Fic!

I wrote a thing! I can't say it's much of a thing, with no operational action, no actually story, and no real substance, but at least it's a thing. Mostly it served as a personal writing exercise for scene building and dialog. Since I'm re-watching the series right now my head was filled with the characters so I also wanted to see if I could get Willie's voice right...not sure whether or not I was successful.

Title: A Certain Breed

Summary: Willie recruits Mike from the field school. Spoilers for the first season.

Find it on AO3

Yuletide is Nigh!

Fandom nominations for Yuletide are about to open. I am planning to nominate The Sandbaggers again this year. I can only nominate 4 characters and am thinking about nominating the following:

Neil Burnside
Willie Caine
Sir Geoffrey Wellingham
Marianne Straiker

Does anybody want different characters? Or is anyone else also planning to nominate this fandom (and if so which characters as it would be nice to coordinate so we do not duplicate).

Prep for Yuletide

There is discussion going on over at Yuletide about possible nominations (which are not yet open). I plan to nominate Sandbaggers again this year. Is anyone else planning to as well? If so, could we please coordinate characters so there is no duplication.

The Sandbaggers Accepted!

Calling all Writers!

The nomination for The Sandbaggers has been accepted to Yuletide 2013!

If you were not quite sure whether or not to participate in Yuletide this year (or have decided to join but not completely decided which fandoms to request) please consider joining in and asking for The Sandbaggers fic. Yuletide attracts some good writers and this little fandom can always use another episode.

Yuletide is Nigh!

The nominations for Yuletide 2013 open in approx. one week. Does anyone plan to nominate Sandbaggers this year? We have been lucky the last two years and had TWO new Sandbaggers stories in 2011 and TWO in 2012. Shall we try again for 2013?!

I plan to participate in Yuletide again this year and would be happy to nominate Sandbaggers as one of the four fandoms I am allowed to nominate. But that will only allow four characters to be nominated.

Does anyone else want to nominate too? If so please comment here and I suggest we coordinate out nomination to ensure we get as wide a spread of characters as possible.


Sandbaggers is now nominated for Yuletide with the following four characters: Neil Burnside, Willie Caine, Jeff Ross, Marianne Straker.

There is plenty of room for someone to nominate again although preferably with different characters so there is a wider spread to choose from.
theseus & minotaur

Rare Women Fan Fiction Exchange 2013 - An Opportunity for Sandbaggers Fic!

The Sandbaggers has been nominated to the rarewomen fic-exchange and sign-ups for this fic-exchange are now open. I would encourage all writers to consider signing up.

The fic-exchange operates very similarly to Yuletide (i.e. you write one story for someone else and get one in return). The central character you write about must be female.

The timetable is as follows:

February 14-28 sign ups through AO3
Early March: assignments go out
April 28 - stories DUE to AO3
May 4 - stories & authors revealed

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